Joolz Geo Update…

So I was looking at my blog stats the other day and it turns out people have read my post discussing why we chose the Joolz Geo pram! I was pretty excited about this, as I’m guessing you are stumbling across me when rabidly searching for reviews on prams because you are pregnant or in the market for a new pram. I know when I was pregnant with Baby Dash I was a bit nuts about my baby reviews and research, anyone checking my search history at work would instantly know I was knocked up!

So I have been using my Joolz Geo just about every day for 10 months now, so I figure I’m well placed to give a longer term review. I calculated that I have probably walked over 1000km with my Joolz in that time, so the first aspect of my pram I can comment on it the durability! I like to walk Baby Dash and my dog just about every day, rain or shine (more on the raincover and sleeping bag later), so I would say my pram gets some pretty heavy use, mostly on concrete and gravel paths, but is showing zero signs of wear to the tyres or brakes.

Baby Dash is now approaching 10 months old and is a bit of a chunka, sitting in the 90th percentile for height and weight since birth, so we swapped from the bassinet to the seat at about 5 months. Unlike a lot of Joolz owners, who say the bassinet is unwieldy and oversized, I was sad to change over to the seat, as I love the look of a proper bassinet pram (Mum had an old school Emmalunga when my sister and I were babies). Seeing my bubba sitting up happily in his seat was bittersweet, because he looked so grown up and happy to see the world going by.


First walk in his big boy seat 😦

The seat recline mechanism started off a little tough to adjust and definitely needs two hands to do smoothly, its only just now something I can do without needing to wiggle the seat with my knee as well (probably not that hard, I’m just uncoordinated!). I also much prefer to have him parent facing in the seat, even though this means the pram can’t be folded as one piece, mind you, I’m way too weak to lift the whole thing into my boot in one go anyway!

This probably isn’t recommended, but something I can lift is the seat, with my baby in it, when switching him to forward facing so he fits more closely up at a cafe table when making a cheeky coffee stop. He loves being able to see whats going on, without needing to swap to a highchair.

In terms of accessories, I really didn’t leave too much on the shelf, if you read my first Joolz post, you will know that we basically went for the whole shebang. I have used the side saddle bag exactly zero times so far, but you never know, it could be handy for a very big picnic?? And the rain cover has been used twice, because I don’t own a suitable rain coat, no fault of Joolz for that one! I will add that we have been caught in the rain a few times (curse you BOM radar) and the pram fabrics are quite water resistant, it takes a fair down pour to actually saturate the hood material and it dries out fast.

I have mentioned before the minor design fault with the cup holder, but you can see in my photo above that there is no issue if used on the bag hook on the inside of the handle bar instead of using the included frame clip.

But by far the greatest accessory you can get for the Geo is the sleeping bag, in fact, I want an adult size version! When we bought the pram, the sleeping bag was a bonus as part of the winter promotion, its valued at about $189 if bought separately.


Snuggly in his sleeping bag!

The sleeping bag lies in the seat and is sewn to the same shape, so moulds to the seat base and back, with openings for the belt straps, which basically hold it in place. I take it in and out each day during winter here in Melbourne, depending on where I’m going, shopping centres, outside on walks etc. The sleeping bag is lined with a polar fleece type fabric and zips right around with a double zip, so its easy to get bubs in and out. When zipped up, the bag reaches right up to their chin, keeping them beautifully snuggly. The top edge also has hidden magnets that hold the front down at about waist height when the weather warms up. The outside is made of the same water resistant material as the rest of the pram, which is so great!

So, after so many positives, do I have anything bad to say about my Joolz Geo? Well apart from so many cool colour combos, including the Geo Tailor range, coming out since we bought our navy version, there are a few other minor points… Firstly, as I’ve mentioned in my last post, the silver frame marks horribly, even the locking clip that holds the frame closed has scratched up the chassis. If you are someone who hopes to keep their pram immaculate, or plans to resell and recoup their costs, I would suggest checking out the all black version as this may not mark up the same.

Also, moving to the seat attachment has not made the pram any more compact to transport! My poor Mazda 3 sedan only just fits the frame and seat next to each other in the boot, they can’t be stacked due to the boot height, so there is no extra space for shopping etc. Lucky I only have one baby and plenty of back seat space!

Lastly, knowing I can add a second seat in place of the basket (it will be cramped for the 2nd bub, but doable) or a scooter board for my oldest down the track, my pram should be a family favourite for many years to come.

All in all, I’m pretty damn happy with my Geo, and judging by the little knowing smile us Joolz owners share when we cross paths in parks, shops and lifts, we are all a pretty satisfied bunch!

Tell me about your pram below, do you love it or hate it? Or if you are in the market, has my review made you consider the Joolz Geo?

(This post is not sponsored – goodness, imagine if my little opinion was noticed and I became ‘blog famous’ :O that would be unbelievable!).






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