IMG_0915 2

So I had been in charge at home for all of 3 hours at the beginning of my maternity leave and the above happened…

I was busy sorting out an ASOS return and was quietly proud of our puppy Evie amusing herself for the first time ever, that I never noticed she was dissecting her favourite teddy all over our house!

By the time I found her she had removed most of his abdominal stuffing (who knows how much she consumed). I will say she was very guilty once she realised what she had done. I still haven’t gotten around to sewing him back together, which she not too happy about. Teddy would sleep in her bed with her at night and guard her inside toys while she played outside, so she’s missing the sharing of responsibilities I’m sure.

What worries me most is that surely a 2 year old human child can get up to far more trouble than a 10 month old mini groodle – so what chance do I have of keeping things under control in the future?? Looks like I’ll need to start paying lots more attention, especially to silence, silence is surely a sign of impending disaster!


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