New Beginnings

Friday I started maternity leave for the very first time. Equal parts scary and relieving to be away from the only workplace I have known for 9 years, I’m totally ready to start this new chapter.

I’m currently 36 weeks plus a few days, so a little while still to go, but being the organised planner girl I’m always striving to be, I’m getting to the end of my baby to-do lists and running out of excuses to shop!

Thats where ‘dash’ comes in! i’m excited to start documenting the high and lows of being a new mum in Australia, both for myself and anyone who stumbles across this particular corner of the internet. I know I have google’d like crazy the last 7-8 months, looking up every product, process and experience I can from people like me, not just advertisers and doctors, so I’m sure there is at least one more girl like me out there!!

So here we go, another ‘mummy blogger’ in the making I guess (I can hear the collective sighs), I’m not in it for the free nappy samples or book deal (just yet!), I just want to find other mums like me to share this crazy life change with!

If you do stumble across my page, let me know what brought you here and what I can add that will make you stay.

Love to all,

Ash xx


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