My Pram Wish List


High on the ‘must buy’ list for all new parents is a pram or stroller for getting around with a new baby. As the excitement of the initial pregnancy news starts to wain and the itty gritty research begins, this is where most mums and dads begin.

We know basically no other parents with babies, so started our pram search as complete novices, first having to learn the differences between prams and strollers, 3 vs 4 wheelers, travel systems, forward and rear facing and convertible bassinets. It was a lot to get our heads around!


After reading a few comparisons online and a quick visit to a local baby chain store, we had compiled a list of features that were ‘must haves’ as well as some ‘nice to haves’, these are below:

Newborn suitable – we preferred the idea of a dedicated bassinet rather than a lay flat seat option.

Ease of use – I’m not the most mechanically minded, so a pram that was easy to fold and set up was very important. I have had nightmares about being stuck at Chadstone in the Christmas rush with a crying newborn and a pram that refuses to collapse – the fear is real!

Pretty – Is it just me or are there some ugly-a*se prams around these days? I didn’t want something that looked like a space ship and the colour had to be gender neutral as we don’t know the sex of our little dash.

Durable – I love long walks and our puppy demands them, so a pram that can not only withstand many, many kilometres a day, but transport bubs in comfort was important to us.

Storage – We live about 300m from the local supermarket, so popping baby dash in the pram and ducking to the shops will be much quicker than getting in the car. Therefore, a pram with a big basket to hold groceries was important.

Now on to our ‘nice to haves’ –

Capsule compatible – shortly after we announced our pregnancy our gorgeous first niece was born, her parents swore by the convenience of a pram frame that accepts a capsule, making short trips out and the transition between shops, car and home much simpler.

Sibling enabled – a pram that takes a second seat, but avoids the bulk of a true double pram adds flexibility and longevity without knowing when our family will be expanding next.

Lightweight – something i can easily lift in and out of the boot of the car on my own, either in two pieces or as a single fold.

So thats it, thats basically what we were looking for when shopping for a pram. Now stay tuned next week for a run down of what we chose, if there was anything we had to compromise and if our needs changed once we started shopping…


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