Fail to plan, plan to fail

Last year’s birthday present was a great one, I have always loved to be organised and my new gold kikki k personal planner has been a revelation!

Not only do I have somewhere to write down my lists and to dos along with appointments and reminders, the age of the Internet has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities. I have spent many hours and dollars turning my planner into a mini work of art, a creative outlet that I can fill with pictures, quotes, stickers and my new favourite – washi tape!

I have fallen in love with so many bloggers and youtubers who share their planner set ups, including Miss Trenchcoat, Chelleydarling and Belinda Selene. I dream of one day having a weekly spread or DIY dividers as beautiful as the ones they have created. Mr Dash rudely states that I have found the end of the Internet in my new pursuit and that my planner is a little folder of self indulgence. But he clearly doesn’t mind too much, as I keep spending more and more on stickers and pens and new printable inserts, searching for the often mentioned ‘planner peace’.



I’m pretty proud of my first public showing, resplendent with DIY dashboard and laminated dividers, all made from scratch by yours truly! For someone with not a creative bone in my body, the hours spent choosing the perfect scrapbook paper and colour scheme have been weirdly calming and very addictive.

So I will be continuing to play in my planner, decorating each weekly spread and always looking for new and expensive ways make her pretty! Based on the investment to date, I hope this is something I keep up all year, so far it’s been super fun, so that shouldn’t be too hard!


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