This time its for real!

I have always been terrible at reflection, even as a kid the first draft would do, no ‘good copies’ for me, I hated re-reading anything I had written, this continued right through high school and uni – thank god my field of study was more numbers than words! So the point is, blogging feels like reflection, like I have to re-read part of my life, or really think about the chosen topic. Its no good giving a purely factual article on food, or science or the latest news, it needs to include an opinion, my opinion. And that’s where I’ve fallen down and why this page has been so damn quiet!


Three months ago I got married and now finally I have something I want to reflect on and re-live over again! We planned our day for 13 months (well, officially, I had ideas in mind for quite a while before!) and when it finally arrived it was everything we hoped for. We had poured over every magazine and website we could fine, I spent literally hundreds of hours trawling pinterest, sorting through what we liked and didn’t like. In the end our wedding was 100% us, not the latest trends or even to everyone’s taste, but totally us.

I will reflect further on the day and the planning process more over the coming weeks, more as a record for us, but also because it was so damn special I can’t wait to share – but first THE NEWS!


We collected our photos from our epic photographer last month and learnt that a magazine here loved our wedding just as much as we did! This was basically the icing on the cake, our pretty wedding, that was so much fun was actually unique enough to be published! The magazine comes out Monday and I’m so excited!

So bye for now, but I’ll be back, like a proud mumma with my wedding baby!

Ash xx_K5W4949


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